Buzzing for Brass Instruments

The trumpet player in the video above is Bobby Thorp from the Synergy Brass Quintet. I really like the concepts that Bobby talks about in this video.

It really is important to have  a clear buzz. I like to also use a tool called the burp that attaches onto the lead pipe of a brass instrument. You put your mouthpiece into the burp and hold your instrument just as if you were going to play. The nice thing about this is that you can also use the proper fingerings and buzz the actual pitches. If you can sing the pitch you can buzz the pitch. You will find that when you practice the fingerings while buzzing you will be one step ahead when you go to perform the music with the mouthpiece in the lead pipe.

After having properly mastered your buzz listen to your sound. What do you hear? Is there one clear pitch sounding when you buzz? If not focus on a clear buzz. Listen to Bobby’s video if you have forgotten how this is suppose to sound.

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